host an event in one of our lively spaces!

Regardless of the occasion, scale or nature of your event, our team will work closely with you to plan an experience that exceeds your expectations.

Every private event we do is customized to meet your budget and your needs, including the food, decor, and staffing. We look forward to bringing your vision to life, giving you and your guests an incredible experience to remember. 
We organize private events at our flagship Brickell location, at the Toscana Divino Garden event spaces located within Miami Ironside, or at off-site locations requested by our guests.
Contact us and we’ll make your dream event happen!

a dining room in the heart of brickell

Exclusive Chef’s Table dining experience, semi private dining room and buyouts.

our hidden gem at Miami Ironside

Exclusively curated corporate experiences and group functions in a tropical oasis.

luxury residential & corporate catering

High-end dining experiences sure to impress your guests, in your preferred setting.

toscana divino spaces

chef's table

The concept of the chef’s table originated from an age-old practice of chefs entertaining their family and friends in the kitchen as they worked. Guests seated at our chef’s table will enjoy a more personal interaction with our Executive Chef Andrea Marchesin, as well as exclusive multi-course meals. This unique experience brings you behind the scenes to discover our unique processes of exploration and development in our kitchen. Limited to 10 seats.

wine dining room

Our stunning wine room, inspired by the rich earthy vineyards of Tuscany and Italian sophistication, features our iconic floor-to-ceiling wine cellar housing our iconic collection of fine Italian wines. The walls, lined with bookcase panels in natural Canaletto walnut & steel are home to one of a kind vintages, custom decanters and glassware. The room can accommodate up to 50 guests at a time and can be rented for semi-private group functions.


Our open-air Terrazza garden patio & lounge is the crown jewel  of our restaurant, and one of Miami’s most sought-after spots, especially for Aperitivo & afternoon drinks. With full views of Brickell, guests can sit back and allow the neighborhood to unfold before their eyes while sipping our signature cocktails and enjoying our selection of food bites. The terrazza can accommodate up to 40 seated guests, and is available for group semi-private and large group functions.

Miami Ironside

Situated in Miami’s Upper Eastside, enjoy our hidden gem PDR within Miami Ironside: vibrant, mixed-use urban center with over 70 showrooms, salons, shops, studios, cafes, playrooms, and galleries.

Ironside is a uniquely landscaped environment lined with rainbow eucalyptus trees and dotted with South Florida native honey bees and butterfly patches, all part of the pattern language of pathways linking boutique shops with cafes, restaurants, and recreation. Toscana Divino at Miami Ironside Garden PDR can accommodate up to 40 seated guests, and is available for group semi-private and large group functions.